What You Need To Know When Handling Accident Claims

Handling accident claims on your own can be somewhat of a challenge given the complexity of insurance laws and regulations.

Here is a list of important factors to consider whenever you find yourself filing for accident claims involving personal injuries or property damage or both.

The Insurance Company Is Not Your Friend

The Insurance Company Is Not Your Friend


When it comes to making accident claims involving property damage or bodily injuries, it is important you realize that the insurance company and its adjusters are not your friends. Although the insurance company accepts to cover any damages resulting from accidents, it’s mostly interested in protecting its own interests.

Insurance companies always do their best to ensure that only a minimum amount is paid through settlements to accident claims, where any payment is made. It’s true that you have to trust your insurance company; however, be careful not to say anything that will hurt your case.

Timely Communication Is Vital

Some insurance policies specify the time within which victims have to lodge an accident claim. This is usually the case when you are making a claim to your own insurance company. It is important to note that the claim should be lodged with the insurance company, and a lawsuit filed where necessary, before the expiry of the statute of limitations.

Filing the claim as soon as possible also communicates its importance to you as the victim.

Determine The Damages

One of the most important aspects of making accident claims is calculating the correct amount of damages. Insurance companies usually want to settle claims as early as possible to avoid paying huge settlements after all the damages are ascertained. It is important for you to take the time to calculate all damages, including property damage and medical expenses, to be included in the accident claim. Otherwise you might end up with a settlement that does not cover all the costs involved.

Get A Qualified Attorney

Get A Qualified AttorneyHaving a qualified attorney on your side during the accident claim application process goes a long way in helping you get as much as possible. Having a personal injury lawyer on your side definitely helps level the playing field with the insurance company; you can be sure they have qualified and experience lawyers handling the claim on their side.

The attorney you hire will help you put together all the documentation needed to file the claim. Additionally, they have what it takes to negotiate for a higher settlement. Most importantly, a personal injury attorney will be able to inform you of all your rights when it comes to making accident claims.

Use the above information to better handle accident claims in future.